Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequent questions asked by our clients.

  • Accelero vs DIY (do it yourself)

    Accelero contains all the infrastructure you need. It'll take a dedicated team of DevOps Engineers years to build what Accelero offers out of the box. For a fraction of the cost of a single DevOps engineer, you get access to a proven, battle-tested framework, as well as support, updates, and maintenance.

  • Is Accelero production ready?

    Accelero is battle-tested and currently in use at companies such as Deloitte and McKinsey&Company in production. Every part of Accelero has been thoroughly tested in a real AWS, Azure and GCP account.

  • How often is Accelero updated?

    Technologies like Terraform, Docker, and AWS are changing constantly, keeping up with these changes is the core of Accelero, we regularly update and maintain all parts of Accelero.

  • How quickly can Accelero be implemented?

    We can typically implement Accelero - which means it's ready to automatically deploy environments in AWS, Azure and GCP - in a matter of days.

  • Can I try Accelero before committing to a contract?

    We're happy to demo Accelero to your organization either remotely or on-site before any contracts are signed. We'll work you through every part of Accelero including code and processes.

  • Is Accelero operated on a license basis?

    Accelero is implemented either as part of a wider consultative engagement, as a self-service offering, or as a Managed Service.

  • What support do I get with Accelero?

    As part of our consultancy offering, you get commercial support for Accelero. We're there to help you via email, chat, and phone/video call any time you need a bug fixed, or help with troubleshooting, or a code or design review.